Friday, November 25, 2011

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius


Get ready for a big ball of truth to plop into your life and give you an eye opening experience of the very interesting kind. Yes, this is no joke when it comes to New Moon Solar Eclipses, even if they are partial, as Sagittarius never does anything without a punch. So, as the sign of truth, epiphany, adventure and spontaneity align in the skies in such a magical way, expect results. As for what each sign can expect? A shot of spirit and awakening in these various areas:

Your higher self

Taurus: Your sexiest self
Gemini: Your most balanced self
Cancer: Your most efficient self
Leo: Your most confident self
Virgo:Your sweetest self
Libra: Your most communicative self
Scorpio:Your most comfortable self
Sagittarius:Your ideal self
Capricorn: Your inner self
Aquarius: Your most giving self
Pisces: Your most ambitious self