Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Venus enters Sagittarius

Love isn't love without the adventure, idealism and most of all, the laughs.

One of my favorite movies, as I just love Arthur (and NEVER the remake -- as it's blasphemy to even think of that version!!!)...I too can never resist a drive through the park or a funny modern fairy tale with a Peter Pan type...and it just so happens to be a fortune telling machine at a beach once told me my perfect celebrity love would be Dudley Moore. So true, as my Venus in Sagittarius just can't resist a man that can make me laugh...

(FYI, double click on the screen to get the full view and to watch in its entirety, when the site says time limit is up, just turn your modem off and on to see the rest.)

As for a more insight into Venus in Sag, click here, and go back in time to read the last Venus in Sagittarius post and what it means per sign....However, note this Venus in Sagittarius transit will last until Nov. 26. Not a lot of time, but always enough.