Monday, June 11, 2012

Jupiter enters Gemini

It's all going to make sense.
Gemini is a stupendous sign! It's fun, crafty, curious, spontaneous, hilarious, youthful and a whirlwind of never-ending surprises. So, now that Jupiter, the big ball of luck and catharsis, is being put into Gemini mode from today until June 25, 2013, it means life is about to get a jump start of energy as it goes into high gear with inquisitive circumstances that can send your mind reeling in directions you never dreamt, but in the loveliest and oddest ways.

Of course, there is a dark side to Gemini -- as it is a dual-edged-sword-sign. However, with Jupiter, it's so big and so bountiful, that while it does like to play jokes, this planet is all about happy times; so don't worry about traps being put out, like if you snatch the candy, you hand gets chopped off. No, with Jupiter, all prizes are won fair and square, no strings attached. Sure, you may have to reach harder at times or be a little more patient, but the point is, it's a nice planet, so don't go overboard with over-thinking circumstances that gets presented now -- because your gut reactions will tell you all you need to know under Gemini. Yes, if it makes you look again, go for it.

As where the magic planet of luck in Gemini will mainly sprinkle the fairy dust per sign (Remember, this applies to your sun and rising sign):
Aries: Affirmations are your ticket to ride. If you mean it, say it and send it out into the universe. Words are your power now, so declare what you wish and then see what you dream come alive. You know it, a major case of your own Manifest Destiny is coming at you.

Taurus: Live it up large, as what you do to spoil yourself rotten will come back to reward you. Forget about worrying about the future, live it out now -- as the universe will match you dollar for dollar.

Gemini: Your genius and happiness will be found in all things new: new ideas, new relationships, new style, new career, new home, etc. Roam in uncharted territories for your best and most fulfilling adventures.
Cancer: You're the lucky winner of the mystery grab bag, as all that you win can be anything you dream -- as in literally pay attention to what happens while you drift off into sleep, because images you see will be your clues. Sweet dreams.

Leo: Pull up the hem line and slip into your favorite cha-cha heels. This phase is all about who you know and chances are they'll be many fairy godmothers and godfathers that will cross your path, bringing enchanted connections that will light up your future and purpose brightly.

Virgo: Ruthless ambition will feel good to flaunt. So, come out of the shadows of hard work, hoping someone will recognize you, because that routine won't work. This year, the more you boast, the more it'll propel you up the ladder of success.

Libra: Selfish idealism isn't delusion, it's a map. However, staying the course is the obstacle, which is can seem like a mountain at times, but if you avoid stopping to enjoy the view along the way, the ultimate one you see will be all worth the time you spend needing to stick with the blinders.

Scorpio: Give into the dark side, because your libidinous nature can have all the satisfaction it needs. It just takes owning it and knowing it, as in the scheme of the things, there is no right or wrong, unless you want there to be. Yes, this year, you are an alchemist.

Sagittarius: Karma will place nice with you, if you place nice with it. That means staying committed, keeping balanced and defending justice. If you do, the harmony will flow through you and your life like a thirsty drunkard drinking bourbon through a straw.

Capricorn: Generosity is your magic lantern now; so rub it hard and learn the power of it in the sincerest manner you can, as it will come back with twice as many returns. However, do know the operative word in all this is sincerity.

Aquarius: Grab the die and let it roll, as your creativity will always be there for now if you take your wildest ideas and put them into action. Live out the romance of being on the edge, as it's there that your Utopia will be found.

Pisces: You can own a piece of the world, if that is what you wish. Just be sure you want to claim your turf, as all that makes you feel warm and safe will be quick to follow once you do. However, like a piece of the puzzle, you better make sure it really fits.