Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Moon in Gemini


It's the second new moon in Gemini this year, which is a superbly monumental feat -- as only one new moon per sign is typical in a year. So, Gemini Alert, this amps up the fortune and fun even harder for you, as it's time  to bridge together two halves into some sort of new whole, with the past and present balanced in a new harmony.

Yes, another lucky cosmic break to take advantage of, as the skies are yours with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all in your side -- and with this moon, you're even luckier if you are born in the last weeks of Gemini or in the later hours of Gemini Rising....Second to win at this lucky break are later degree Aquarius and Libras (sun and rising), and then Sagittarius (sun and rising), coming in third...As for the other signs, it may not be so apparent, but doesn't mean you can't celebrate too, because who knows what fate can bring you, as this is the sign where spontaneity and curiosity go hand in hand...