Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturn goes direct in Libra

What's done is done... 

Life isn't fair, that is the foundation of reality and if you don't like it, you can just suck it.  It's the lesson of Saturn and despite its harshness, its purpose is to push us to strive for those mythical nuggets of beauty, love, and harmony amid the catastrophe that is our existence and in Libra, the exalted position of Saturn, it's at its shining best -- as dreams, delusions and harmony all blend into a creamy pulp that is as delicious as it is deadly, as its ability to choke and maim are great, especially the farther and more intense you go about having purpose and learning its power is impossibly transitory. So, as this planet of discipline goes back into full form, take what you have learned in the last few months to tell you something deeper about all that can't be held.

As for the elusive lessons assigned per sign:
Taurus: Efficiency
Gemini: Love
Cancer: Family
Leo: Learning
Virgo: Generosity
Libra: Identity
Scorpio: Compassion
Sagittarius: Community
Capricorn: Status
Aquarius: Spirituality
Pisces: Passion