Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mars enters Libra

Here comes the future, open wide.

It's been 9 long months of Mars in Virgo, putting out work-a-holic, play by the rules, anally-charged energy in the air. Now, it's time for a new bitch in town and reaping rewards in a more elegant way! Yes, Mars, the passion planet, has finally slipped into a new sign -- poised and sophisticated Libra!

With this transit, lasting until August 23rd, it's about working yourself around feeling the beauty, harmony and general luxurious languidness of your life and tweaking it to fit into a perfect shape to balance yourself out for maximum cool. That's right, it's all about the natural flow of your mind, heart and body now, and understanding any sense of inauthenticity is a cue that you're not headed in the right direction. Nothing will be won now with dishonest charm, so get yourself together and play nice, as its really that time when how you do onto the world will be how it does onto you.

As for where this main ebb and equal flow will hit each sign, it's as follows:

Aries- Your closest relationships
Taurus- Your health
Gemini- Your love life
Cancer- Your family
Leo- Your thought process
Virgo- Your comfort zone
Libra- Your integrity
Scorpio- Your subconscious
Sagittarius- Your hopes and dreams
Capricorn- Your ambitions
Aquarius- Your morals
Pisces- Your inner resolve