Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Moon in Cancer

Purge, Pout, Proceed.

Feeling secure means accepting your emotions. Unfortunately, it means the good and the bad -- you have to roll with those punches to really get any traction in where you are going. So, go balls to the wall and deal with the bad and figure out how to maximize enjoying the good. Yes, consider this all as you enter today's influence of the new moon in Cancer -- resowing the seeds that make you feel happy and safe.

As for people/areas per sign to get real about:
Aries: Your family
Taurus: Your siblings
Gemini: Yourself
Cancer: Your future
Leo: Your past
Virgo: Your friends
Libra: Your boss
Scorpio: Your idols
Sagittarius: Your booty call
Capricorn: Your partner
Aquarius: Your co-workers
Pisces: Your favorites