Friday, July 13, 2012

Mercury goes Retrograde in Leo

Oops, I did it again.

When any planet goes into Leo, it means drama with a capital YES! So, as this Mercury retrograde (Rx) goes into effect in Leo, today at 10:16pm EST, you better get ready for the bottom to fall out, the papers to go flying and the logic to go out the window until August 8th (with residual effects up to a week later, with the transit periods being the most active). 

D for disaster is no joke, so hold onto your wig, because the fur will go flying -- and it might even be that you have nothing to do with the mess, but you'll be the eye of its storm and the clean up will land on your head. As for where and what you should be looking out for, to make your Rx (prescription) to this period of communication snafus and refueling the past, here it is:

Aries: Your ego will feel as if its been hit by a torpedo, so forget trying too hard. If you can coast the mid-line, then you'll be as doing as good as it can get. For you, blending in may be tough, but it's your only defense.

You get neurotic, that is bound to happen. After all, you can't always be solid, you're human. So, if going on a bender of any sort will work it out of your system, just go with it.

Mums the word on anything you have in the pipeline. Most of your anxiety is typically from blabbing your plans to everyone, and creating performance anxiety within yourself and from the anticipation of your audience. Close out those demons, by keeping as open or as numb of a mind as you can to walk through the next phase of your plans.

The future is always going to be there and no matter if you take big or small steps into it, it'll still be there.  So, if you need to stop and catch your breath, do it, because tomorrow isn't going anywhere.

You're going to be everyone's scapegoat, whether or not you get it to your face. No matter, as the tides can easily turn by playing your best weapon -- guilt. All it will take is a few bats of your eyelashes and one pointed sigh and the world will listen.

Virgo: Let your crazy off the lease. Having to be always logical and purposeful is a big responsibility and one you don't have to take on. The more insane you act, the more time you'll get to sleep.

Libra: Bullying is a hot topic, which is why you need to get in on the action. After all, you're not one to be behind on the times. Yes, taste a bit of the sweet of being able to hold others' esteem in the palm of your hand, if only once. It's so out of character, chances are no one will even hold you accountable.

Remember, there is always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you. So, rev up your inner whore and get to work. Accept this and you'll be a happy as a bug in a rug.

Sagittarius: Moral standing is so blase. No one needs you as their beacon of hope like that, because it just has no flair. Dive in the trash and redefine what works for you, because as of now being wrong is your right.

Break out the skeletons in your closet and make them your badge of honor. Nothing like attracting all the right people, places and situations to you unless you really show them your true feathers.

Aquarius: What's fair and what's equal are two separate things, because equaling out things won't be what is fair for you. While this might lead you to resort to a fascism, the right attitude for you now is that you'll try anything once.

Pisces: Throw out the watch and burn the calender. Deadlines, schedules and time restraints are a joke. Freedom is your calling. If anyone else dials up looking for anything else, hang up immediately.

As for the theme song of this retrograde, Let's Have a Kiki, Scissor Sisters....because everyone needs one!