Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct In Pisces

You: The universe is telling me what?

Mercury is back into forward motion as of 4:03 pm EST today, which means forward-ho. So, with Pisces, the ruler of the feet, it makes it an International Shoe Buying Week! To get your body and mind revved for the road ahead, think shoes!

(It's so weird, I am not really a shoe addict per se, but one time of year I go nuts and buy all the shoes I usually get for a year, and it always winds up being Pisces time...So far over the weekend I bought two pairs of boots. A brown suede pair and a silver glitter pair. The week before, I got cute green platforms and started the season with new riding boots. Today, I can't stop looking at slingbacks for summer...The sales are so good out there!!!!)

....and I'm a gal that does like to hunt for a good deal, in person and on the internet. I just love to shop...One of the best is 6pm. They seem to always have the lowest prices, no shipping and most of the shoes have a video of someone wearing them, so you can see them in action, which is as close as doing it yourself. If anything, it's more info that helps with the hunt.

(Can't get it to be bigger...scroll around and see the cute silver boots I needed...)