Monday, March 11, 2013

New Moon In Pisces

Feel It! Feel It! Feel The Burn!

When it comes to emotional breakdowns, no one does it like Pisces. As the last sign of the zodiac, they accumulate everything -- as in energy, emotions, knowledge, etc. Everything. So, its no wonder they are also the ruler of insane asylums, as balance is a tenuous thing for them, as they can go out of whack as easily as stepping on the wrong side of a sidewalk crack. If they don't know how to channel their energy amid what they receive around them, then can wind up in a sponge-like-state just reflecting the chaos or calm that surrounds them rather than knowing what they feel or think as a priority.

While always a work in progress, Pisces is changeable and at times, completely unreliable, as they are truly moment to moment, and can get easily sidetracked by guilt, faith, superstition and romance. So, as we enter this new moon in Pisces, celebrate your lovely craziness and indulge those emotions extremely, as in hitting bottom and top, purging and perfecting, as that is how you will gain more character and less nonsense. As for places per sign you want to feel this burn:

Aries: Your sense of karma.
Taurus: Your humanity.
Gemini: Your aspirations.
Cancer: Your idols.
Leo: Your perversions.
Virgo: Your sense of equality.
Libra: Your idea of purpose.
Scorpio: Your belief in chance.
Sagittarius: Your roots.
Capricorn: Your methods of communication.
Aquarius: Your perception of ease.
Pisces: Your sense of urgency.