Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sun Enters Aries, The Spring Equinox

And We're Off! ( insert bang sound to emphasize)

Like entering the last stretch of a marathon, Spring is here -- which means Aries is in full effect and the new astrological year begins! New beginnings are ahead, with growing as the theme and non-stop energy the speed, so move, move, move...

As for places to focus your burst of energy on, it is as suggested:
Aries: Your Look.
Taurus: Your Sanity
Gemini: Your Social life
Cancer: Your Career
Leo: Your Passport Use.
Virgo: Your Money
Libra: Your Relationships
Scorpio: Your Health
Sagittarius: Your Hair
Capricorn: Your Authority
Aquarius: Your Intellect
Pisces: Your Bare Minimum