Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jupiter Goes Retrograde In Cancer

Emotional Rescue

Jupiter retrograde is never bad, because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, adventure, truth and morality. So, as it stalls (until March 6, 2014), don't freak. By nature of what it represents, it always leaves room for optimism... Of course, the space for that hope could be tight, but rest assure, it'll never turn into a maelstrom of chaos out to ruin you (unlike other retrogrades)... However, Jupiter is  in Cancer now, which rules bottomless emotions, security and belonging. It's the sign of the sensitive suckler, with wishy-washy moodiness and defensiveness. So, at best, this will be a time with many extra emotional flourishes--and at worst, will have even more emotional flourishes....

As for areas per sign (sun and rising) these moments will strike, it is as follows:

  • Aries Home, Family, Security.
  • Taurus Community, Communication, Transportation
  • Gemini Money, Long-term planning, Self-esteem
  • Cancer Identity, Fresh Starts, Ego
  • Leo Fantasy, Charity, Worship
  • Virgo Hopes and Dreams, Friendships, Humanity
  • Libra Career, Reputation, History
  • Scorpio Spirituality, Hope, Understanding
  • Sagittarius Sex, Intimacy, Power
  • Capricorn Peace, Justice, Commitment
  • Aquarius Health, Productivity, Order
  • Pisces Love, Creativity, Celebration