Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct In Scorpio

Full Brain Function Resumes

My latest notebook: Moments Precieux!

Moments Precieux was a suprise from the last two days. I had the blank notebook lying about for weeks, meaning to paint it...but then time kept slipping by and I had the cute fabric covered book from AMS that I added stuff, to personalize...but it's not the same. I need my archives to be arranged properly...But I was lacking ideas, until Venus went to Capricorn and I just wanted to do it. I figured I could play around with my stuff, until something hits. With collage, it's  sorting out a puzzle and scavenging for the pieces.

Usually, I will have one hint, like the title, a concept or actual visuals--or a combo of the three. I love when it comes together and how amazing that feels to put finishing touches...

This time around, I was not working ahead of myself in any way. No ideas, but I liked the brown paper the best, so started by covering the entire notebook in it....Then, pulled out the supplies, started playing around and voila--as soon as the fence was laid, they were obviously tracks to me and obviously she would be at one end and the train at the other. Of course, despite the grim predicaments, there are still more than enough seconds for the track to get switched or she gets pulled off or she rolls off herself. She may not be tied to the tracks. She could of put on the blindfold herself. If anything, I see Moments Precieux as a study in hope.