Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moon In Leo

Modern Chivalry

Watch out ladies of the future, my intern is upping the bar on romance in a modern way -- by making a youtube declaration of love for his girl Nya. Who he will tell to watch this video when he sees her at school....Plus, he wanted to share his opinion on love. After learning about the reviling skywriter who wrote, "Gods Hates Fags," over Disney Orlando on Gay Days, he had something to say about it:

Lil J is 5, a Leo Rising and a Venus in Sagittarius (like me!). Yes, he's all lover!

We stopped by Nya's. She was fresh from a bath in her PJs, totally tickled pink to see Lil J. He then showed her his video, which impressed and overwhelmed her -- look at the cute couple just after that moment. (Cue video, meant to be a pic).

There were no words, except from Nya's Mom and her Mom's friend, who couldn't stop cooing over Lil J, who they already know and love. (Lil J's grandparents lived near Nya, that is how they met. Kindergarten only brought them closer)

...And it was obvious this wasn't Jake's first time expressing his emotions and from her gushing looks, he wasn't going into this blind. 20 minutes later, he told her she looked pretty. (OMG!) I then asked her if she thought he was handsome, to which she got all smiley and sweetly shook her head yes.

After, they ran around outside, kicked the soccer ball around, looked at the stars (He showed her the constellations with my phone.), played tag, pogo-ed and she put a glitter tattoo on him -- a total sign that a dude likes you, when he allows you to put make-up on him. Although, when she suggested one for his face, he said, "No." After all, he may be in love, but he's no fool for love.