Friday, August 15, 2014

Mercury Enters Virgo

Think Again.

Mercury comes home in Virgo, the same with it's spazzy cousin, Gemini. Yes, it's a planet of double duty.  While Gemini in Mercury runs on concepts, Virgo deals with factual and analytical methods of thought. So, what to do to sharpen your brain for this transit’s maximum power?  7 must-do's:

1.     Feed your brain. Read and research. Your intellectual power to absorb new ideas will be strong. Sign up for a class, join a book club, enter a new realm of thought.
2.     Reevaluate routines. Look for shortcuts on your commute and other ways to streamlined life.Wasteful habits will end now.
3.     Virgo is the ruler of health, making it the best and luckiest time to make sure all is going as it should. Rid yourself of the hypochondria, at the least. 
4.     Summer cleaning! Your brain will be in edit mode, so if there is any time to clear the clutter from your life, it’s now.
5.   Hang with the animals you love. Virgo is the sign of pets and will bestow powerful bonding moments you can will learn from.