Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Venus Enters Leo


Venus In Leo 5 Must Do’s
Summer is in burning bright with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Leo --  now getting even more brilliant with Venus, the pleasure planet, stepping onto the red carpet zone of Leo until September 25, creating a starry stellium (4 or more planets in one sign) of glamour, glitz and excess, as the lifestyle planet in the flashiest sign will demand nothing less than top shelf living. As for must do’s of making the most of this powerhouse energy:

1.     Sun! Get outside, BBQ, hang at the beach and love the rays. This is the time when being under the sun will boost your vitamin D levels to beyond happy.
2.     Sing! If karaoke isn’t your thing or auditioning for your local theatre company, then go to performances, as Leo is its ruler. Good times are a guarantee.
3.     Party! Host a gathering and introduce friends to other friends, as this is your time to sit at the head of the table and rule your scene.
4.     Hair! As the ruler of hair, this is your luckiest time to try a new do or show off yours in a grander way —as it’ll be your best crowning glory now.
5.     Romance! This is the sign of love. Ask someone you’re crushing on out or make a special date with your boo. Whichever your desire, it’ll be special.