Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sun Enters Virgo

Read The Fine Print

Summer is winding down when Virgo hits the scene, shifting the energy from festive and fun to work and efficiency. Yes, Virgo is not a sign that wastes a cent or a second, as it marks the harvest season and results mean survival. As the last transit before hibernation time begins, there is no room for error. To make the most of this energy, here are the 5 Golden Rules to making Sun in Virgo work best for you:
  1.  Give. Virgo is the sign of service and helping others will not only benefit your soul, but also your bottom line. Teamwork provides maximum efficiency in getting goals met, so extend your hand and be part of your community. If you way of giving is going out to be a ho, then so be it.
  2.  Healthy Living. As the sign that rules health, this is the best time to start new exercise routines, go for a cleanse, have a spa day and/or take on better eating habits--including extra doses of protein.
  3. Research. Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury, which gives an intellectual edge for numbers, analyzing and learning. This means reading the find print and being able to spot opportunities in obscure places. If this goes into the lines of obsession, well, be thorough.
  4. Make technology your friend. Virgos always love an intellectual challenge, which technology delivers, as it’s an ongoing chase of cat and mouse. After all, an easier life at the push of a few pushes is what Virgo craves.
  5. Relax. Anxiety is an energy that plagues a Virgo transit, as it's also the ruler of perfection. So, keep in mind that having it all also means being able to enjoy the efforts you’ve put out and to not spend your days judging yourself negatively. Love.