Monday, November 22, 2010

Sun enters Sagittarius

Let the sunshine in!

I love Sagittarius! It's the sign of truth, spontaneity, adventure, optimism and catharsis, to name a few of its lovely traits....and like all that it represents, the kick off brought in a slew of surprises and turned life around in an instant for me and a few of my friends that have also had a trying year, which just makes me want to sing this song at the top of my lungs:

Yes, in homage to this hopefully continuing exciting time, life will do a full on reversal on the uncertain vibe that it gave away to most of this year, ending all the flakiness, and putting back the pieces of the puzzle to a picture I want to see....and how crazy is this, the list of good news that arrived all in one day:
  • Positive news that a pending financial disaster isn't likely to happen to me and another friend of mine...ending a two-week agony.
  • An invite to do a TV segment for NBC, from an lovely acquaintance from ages ago that happens to be a Sagittarius!
  • Also ran into my ex-neighbor that I adore at the grocery (a Gemini, complimentary sign of Sagittarius!), who I happen to have been thinking about for the last few weeks and wanting to contact!
  • My fab friend Judy (a double Aries), who is writing her second book, got a personal email from a celeb that wants to be in her book! (& freaky deeky, she got the news almost the exact time the sun when into Sag!)
  • My beloved FLC (a Sagittarius), got just that much closer to his dream job.
  • ...and although this happened a few days prior, with astrology, all aspects have at least a few days before and after that it can have an effect, which means these count amazing friend Christine (Taurus) who was fighting to keep the school in her district open got news her school won't be closing and my totally inspiring friend Shlomi (Scorpio), who is an singer in the Young Artists Program of the Israel Opera, got to sing on the BIG stage. Yes, wowee zowee! Oprah (Aquarius) said on her Favorite Things Part 2 show today, which so captures the spirit of Sagittarius, "It’s not about the stuff... It's about hope, and knowing that something magical and joyful can happen to you when you least expect it."