Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sun in Sagittarius (Day 3)

Keeping hope alive.

OH MY F-ING GOD! ...I am not one that is a tooter of my own horn, but dang, even I can't believe the turn around!!! Every day since the sun entered Sagittarius, something exiting, like really exciting has happened...Today, began my day at the crack of dawn to gussy myself up before heading to 30 Rock...saw the sunrise for the first time in my new apartment, since I moved here in March, or so it felt...Shot the segment and it went totally smooth and soo swimmingly (despite having to do my own make-up) that I got invited back already!

Part of my day in pictures:

...Then got home a little later than the time I typically begin my day, crazy! And that also included lunch, shopping, taking in a few X-mas window displays and a long chat with a friend on the phone, while watching the X-mas tree get set up...Later, spontaneously met with FLC (Sagittarius) for coffee and holiday booze shopping and yeaaah, got more presents! Love it!!!...Then came home and got an email from a super exciting contact from overseas!!!!! Broadcasting, spontaneity, a Sagittarius friend, surprise presents, a foreign correspondence...all Sagittarius themes! OMG, I am so aligned with the universe again, I can't even take it! WHEW F-ING WHEW IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!!

...and how random, but what is up with the developing moose theme in my life?


R. said...

Power Animal Meaning:
MOOSE - helps us with self-esteem. It is also about the magic of life and death. Moose represents expressing the joy of accomplishment, not to boast or seek recognition, but in a spirit of sharing, born of the understanding that joy is contagious. It is about learning to explore new depths of awareness within self and your environment.

R. said...

Moose is also a symbol of being headstrong, longevity, wisdom, confidence, self-esteem, primal feminine energy and steadfastness.

The moose is one of the most ancient and unique of power animals, and lends you sacred and unique energy. An adult male can grow up to 7 feet tall and weigh up to 1200lbs. When mating males vociferate loudly and can be heard up to 6 miles and more away. When a female answers their call, they will rush to her and are ready to combat ANYTHING in their paths. Moose’ are fearless and resolute, making their presence known when they decide. However they also have the preternatural ability to camouflage themselves in spite of their hugeness and strength - they are able to move through their territory totally unseen. These traits in the moose teach us the power of presence and invisibility.

If moose is your power animal then you will probably be full of contradictions - clumsy yet graceful, huge but with the ability to move swiftly and soundlessly. Usually people with this power animal have excellent depth perception and are very wise. They also have an innate ability of being balanced - when to be gentle, when to be strong, what to say when and to whom.

The ability to shape shift is linked to mythology and merges with the teachings of shamanism and magic. If you are a moose person cultivating these skills is enhanced through studying.

Seeing a moose in the wild is amazing - the energy they embody is extraordinary. Their colossal antlers grow larger than those of any other antlered animal. Ancient myth calls these antlers ‘The Crown of Courage.’ The antlers are linked to the crown chakra in man. As the antlers grow, the crown chakra opens and widens giving those with this power animal a direct channel to universal knowledge.

The moose possesses a highly developed sense of smell and hearing. Babies are born with open eyes. People with this power animal are born with their inner eyes open already, they see things with extraordinary clarity - psychic awakenings in later life are rare for the moment moose people are born this is their awakening. They do have some of their most testing lessons in their childhood, but their fearlessness and mettle together with their direct connection to universal knowledge gives them the necessary aid needed to strengthen their self-esteem and find their place in the world.

Moose is a very powerful totem to have and will help you discover who you are and put you in touch with your congenital wisdom.