Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sun in Sagittarius (Day 3)

Keeping hope alive.

OH MY F-ING GOD! ...I am not one that is a tooter of my own horn, but dang, even I can't believe the turn around!!! Every day since the sun entered Sagittarius, something exiting, like really exciting has happened...Today, began my day at the crack of dawn to gussy myself up before heading to 30 Rock...saw the sunrise for the first time in my new apartment, since I moved here in March, or so it felt...Shot the segment and it went totally smooth and soo swimmingly (despite having to do my own make-up) that I got invited back already!

Part of my day in pictures:

...Then got home a little later than the time I typically begin my day, crazy! And that also included lunch, shopping, taking in a few X-mas window displays and a long chat with a friend on the phone, while watching the X-mas tree get set up...Later, spontaneously met with FLC (Sagittarius) for coffee and holiday booze shopping and yeaaah, got more presents! Love it!!!...Then came home and got an email from a super exciting contact from overseas!!!!! Broadcasting, spontaneity, a Sagittarius friend, surprise presents, a foreign correspondence...all Sagittarius themes! OMG, I am so aligned with the universe again, I can't even take it! WHEW F-ING WHEW IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!!

...and how random, but what is up with the developing moose theme in my life?