Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sun in Sagittarius (Day 2)

More sweet surprises!

Woke up to the cutest email from my little twin star Lala (Scorpio), who moved to the Land of Smiles (AKA Thailand) too long ago to teach English and never came back(WAH!)... He sent me this funny video of his students singing "Happy Birthday." Adorable! He's not in it, but he's the one that cheers at the end. Too cute!

(...and so you know, my b-day isn't actually today, it was a little while ago, back in Scorpio...but as life goes on, I am not so into making a big parade of it, but rather spending a day doing something fun and memorable...but I do love and appreciate that I have friends that remember, even if I don't mention it--like Lala, who also surprised me one year when he was living in Seattle by sending me a jumbo mystery box of trinkets from Archie McPhee! ...This year I started my day with a surprise b-day burrito with pink candles at the stroke of midnight, then later made a pilgrimage to see a life-size moose made of chocolate!!! Amazing!)

...And in more ME news, and I am not talking about Maine, learned my fave DJ is coming to town -- DJ JT SUPERSTAR!