Friday, February 18, 2011

Full Moon in Leo

Live out your biggest visions, despite its price...

One of my favorite shows when I was growing up was Fantasy Island. I was crazy for the idea of this magical paradise somewhere out there, where all your dreams could come true. Sure, it always came with repercussions that taught nothing comes without a price; however, I use to negate that part, believing there had to a loophole to get what I want without penalty or be taught a lesson that was more valuable than painful...So, yeah, I use to fantasize all day long about my various wishes...Chances are all my hopes back when were about having Simon LeBon be madly in love with my precocious prepubescent ass, which was disguised in some kind sort of perfect supermodel character type. Who knows...The fact was, no one ever left Fantasy Island unhappy.

So, yes, love the show...couldn't find full episodes, but found these delightful mini ones...The first two are the original (#1, yeah, Joan Collins and #2, yeah, zombies) and the last is some modern version with Mr. Roarke without Tattoo (boo), which I only included because it had Charo in it and I love her.