Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius

The future now.

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year, launching the year of the Metal Rabbit, 4708! This means a new cycle of luck that is all about diplomacy, intellect and graciousness in victory is about to begin!

...So, to make the most of it, here are a few ancient Chinese superstitions to follow and ensure your upcoming year will wind up as ideal as possible. Do these things today...or as soon as you can...Ideally done on the first day or eve of, but since Chinese New Year festivities last as long as two-weeks, as it starts on a new moon and ends at the next full moon, procrastinators still wanting to score come luck can do the following:

  • Sweep all the dirt out of your home to symbolically clear out the preceding year's negativity.
  • Wear red on New Years to ward off evil.
  • Wear a new outfit to symbolize a new beginning and color-code your look to call upon what you want. Red for love. Green for money. Blue for peace. Yellow for happiness. Orange for success. Purple for spirituality. Avoid white, it symbolizes death.
  • Eat double of everything this day, to ensure your New Year is bountiful. (Do it for the entire two-weeks if necessary. After all, there's nothing wrong being safe than sorry....Although realize this isn't a Chinese tradition, just one I'm implementing.)
  • Put blooming flowers or new plants in your home for longevity.
  • Avoid distress on New Year's, as it's a day to spend setting the pace for your upcoming year. To set it up properly, only do things you love...i.e. sleep in, eat what you love, buy whatever, hang with people you enjoy, etc....and if you're Asian, do all these things twice as much!