Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mars in Cancer

Evasiveness is now the new black...

Get ready, as evasiveness is now the new black, with Mars, the planet of ambition, moving into watery, emotional, defensive & security conscious Cancer. This will mean the stirring up of a lot of passive aggressive behavior, so get those meds ready, this could be one giant mind fuck 'til 9/18.

Yes, when you mix something hard (Mars) with something so soft (Cancer), clashes can happen, but most of the time they will be internal. While you can still move ahead, as this is also a cycle when nothing except what you truly give a shit about will motivate you, think of it as a truth seeking mission and see where your heart leads... As for general ideas of where you'll get your kicks, the list is as follows:

Aries: Hide out at home and throw away the key. Who needs friends, when you have cable?
Taurus: Tweet your brains out, who doesn't love one-sided conversations?
Gemini: Make money your whore, use it up to get off.
Cancer: Who cares who's right? It's the most bombastic that wins, so make tyranny your way of life!
Leo: As the sign of the actor, play the victim now for recognition and rewards.
Virgo: Why do your own dirty work, isn't that what friends are for?
Libra: Burn more fat, social climb faster!
Scorpio: Skip out to a foreign adventure. If they can't understand you, how can you be wrong?
Sagittarius: You'll be feeling extra horny, own it.
Capricorn: Enjoy partnerships, as it means always having a scapegoat close to your heart.
Aquarius: Whining is an exercise, if you do it right.
Pisces: It is all about you and anyone who doesn't act accordingly is lying to you.