Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Moon in Virgo

Whistle while you work...

Don't get lazy!
The new moon in prissy and perfect Virgo is here to say, "Get you ass into gear, because fall is just around the corner and it's the harvest season, so hope you're ready to start putting your ducks in order, because this is when organization and purpose will matter or else you'll be in for one long-ass winter..."

As for areas to get it together for the next two weeks, for maximum results, here it is per sign:

Aries: Focusing on making routines that help move you ahead.
Taurus: Sprucing up your inner go-getter with a better, more ego-driven attitude.
Gemini: Coming back down to earth for some grounding, in general.
Cancer: Using words to put together pieces of your puzzle, not just intuition.
Leo: Chilling out, and letting fate do some of the work.
Virgo: Being assertive and putting yourself first.
Libra: Knowing better than to let past mistakes happen over and over again.
Scorpio: Believing in others, and giving them a real chance.
Sagittarius: Redefining success on your terms.
Capricorn: Saying, "Screw the status quo; its for suckers."
Aquarius: Digging deeper beyond the surface, as nothing important will be obvious now.
Pisces: Getting that two heads are truly better than one, so reach out.