Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo

Stop the presses!!!!!!!!!!!

Expect life to get a bit more twisted over the next  24 days, because yes, that tri-annual event called Mercury retrograde begins today at 11:50pm EST, which many of you know is the time in which communication breakdowns are prevalent, untimely travel snafus pop up, delays in getting a commitment happen and people from the past can suddenly reappear. It's a plethora of aggravating  issues that can be set off, but mainly linked to those following issues...and since this Rx is in detailed-orientated and efficient Virgo, it means you must do your homework in regard to upcoming plans, as in sweating the small stuff and ensuring every minor detail is in place to move ahead... Of course, that ensures nothing either, as obstacles will happen as part of fate, but to do all you can to minimize the agony is possible...So, for those areas to batten down those hatches, the list is as follows:

Aries: health, dealings with co-workers, routines
Taurus: romance, creativity, risks involving your ego
Gemini: family, business, home
Cancer: communications, dealings with siblings, travel
Leo: money, comfort, stability
Virgo: vanity, new projects, general outlook
Libra: the past, reality (versus illusions), subconscious fears
Scorpio: friendships, hopes and wishes, the future
Sagittarius: status, career, traditions
Capricorn: truth, spirituality, global matters
Aquarius: power, sex, finances
Pisces: relationships, contracts, peace of mind

...but do know, despite all the headaches that can appear, good can come out of Rx's too, as in pulling out things from your past and reworking them, as this is the time to examine what you have and work it into perfection, as nothing you wish for has to be a lost cause. So, despite the chaos, understand there is an eye of the storm you can relax in, but only if you choose.