Friday, September 9, 2011

Mercury enters Virgo

Hmm, that's interesting.

Ok, I'm totally lame. It is actually Sept. 23rd today (the second to last day of the Mercury in Virgo transit) and this post was suppose to be written for Sept. 9th -- and the thing is, I was SUPER EXCITED about this day too, but then things spiraled on and off the priority list and voila, two weeks later...

Anyway, what this post is about: my fab experience in Asbury Park, New Jersey, at one of my favorite places ever -- Paranormal Books and Curiosities, in attendance for a SEANCE!!!!

Although I've been to seances before, none were the cinematic version that I craved. My first was when I was in high school, during the summer, when I tried to host one. My friend's mom was out of town, so we threw a party, which I then held a seance for anyone who wanted in on. I had bought some trade paperback book on how to hold a seance and only read the summary in the back at that point -- so, as you can tell, it was an obvious invitation for trouble.

By the time the evening got late enough, I assembled a circle outside, under a tree and then had every one close their eyes and concentrate on calling a spirit and said whatever the directions I read said to say. Enough minutes later, nothing was happening, so I then screamed, to freak the shit out of everyone. My one really scared friend sitting across from me, then instantly jumped the entire length of the circle and then a moment later, a branch fell from the tree and we then all got freaked out, immediately ending the seance. Then the next morning, I woke up with a bloody nose. After that, I thought it was best I never hold another seance again -- at least not without really reading the entire book on it...

The next few "seances" (seance actually means "a sitting," so there are no actual traditions in which to hold one) I went to were more "convention center-esque" and not my speed. I went to a monthly one in NYC and it was alright, because at least there were things said I could connect with, but the idea of just sitting in a space that looked and was set up like a doctor's waiting room with incense and dark lights really didn't do it for me.

Then, in Lily Dale, the mediums would just speak messages in the forest, where there supposedly is an energy vortex, with at least 100 people sitting on benches, which didn't exactly do it for me either. It was just a bit too impersonal and way more new agey than my style. For me, I want it spooky. So, I knew the Paranormal Bookstore/Museum was going to bring it, having been to their establishment several times to peruse their goods, get a reading and check out their museum filled with all sorts of creepy archives. Plus, I called in advance and talked to the very personable store owner, Kathy, and she confirmed a real round table, with a limited number of patrons and  a medium and a psychic (but no crystal ball). Yes, it was finally the seance I was looking for!!!

In actuality, I found out about the seance in mid-July, while I was at the beach for the day and went into the store on my way to the train. So, this wait for a little over two months did build up the excitement -- and it didn't disappoint.... Starting a little after the dark set in, I had the perfect lead in with a perfect day  at the beach that set me into the right chilled-out frame of mind...After serenely sauntering over,  the various characters assembled from all different places. It was very much like the start of a murder mystery night -- like something out of Clue. I was the fifth or so person to arrive, out of 13. I met the head medium, Kathy -- the owner of the store, and already knew the psychic on hand to help bring the energy level up, as I had a reading with him prior that did give me two accurate time lines.

Chairs were arranged around the table, with two placed just outside the circle at opposite ends for the medium and psychic. Then, we were told everyone in the inner circle would also be able to serve as channels for messages.... Each time the door opened, it felt as if there should of been a rumble of thunder, emphasizing their arrival. There were the two ghost hunters ladies, the psychic mom and son duo, the apprehensive friends, the recently haunted man of logic that needed to know more, the Reiki master, and of course, the handful of empathics -- a whole bouillabaisse of local characters looking for something different to do on a Friday evening...

After we all assembled, each of us introduced ourselves, said why we were there and shared whatever sort of paranormal information we wanted. From my point of view, every one seem totally into it and ready for anything. If there was one emotion that could of been a hindrance, it would of been more a sense of fear rather then skepticism. As the lights dimmed, we all held hands and Kathy started inviting the spirits. One by one she got messages that were eerily correct for those they pertained too. If any one of us got messages, heard anything or saw anything, we were encouraged to shout it out.

Meanwhile, a EMT meter was also placed in the middle of the table -- which did go off more times prior to the seance than the actual event, but no matter, there was always something that kept us on high alert....For most of the evening, it did seem one girl's ghosts was dominating and sending messages one after another to her. Even her sexy spirit guide made himself known. Others, even me, did mention a dearly departed name, but to no avail....It was more the older spirits and parental figures that were more vocal. No matter, the people who got the messages seem to really need them and a few of them were not expecting anything at all, so it truly wigged them out to hear a thing -- especially info that was so close to home.

Sure, sometimes I wondered if it was just easier to say things when you go the older person route, instead of speaking for someone that died younger, but it was fun nonetheless and who cares, as long as more good came of it than bad and tonight certainly seem like a positive one, despite no sudden flying objects going across the room or the rising up and down of the table or even strange tapping on anyone's shoulder. Nope, just messages and lots of tears from several of the participants -- some crying from actual sensations of connection, to others absorbing the energy from whatever was transpiring. For me, I didn't feel anything in particular, even leaving without the slightest feeling of being spooked out, which even a good horror movie can do to me...

The next day I thought about the seance more. No, it didn't leave a lasting impression on me per se and yes, I did wonder why I never get messages -- besides not really having anyone I really needed to contact.  I did try to get my friend Erika to come, but nothing... Part of me thought, "Is it because I am Asian and they'd think I'd have such a different experience in my life that they dare not go there, as it'd be off their radar on what to say, to maintain accuracy....or that maybe there is nothing to say?"

The biggest question I had though was about the names that always popped up at these events. None were ever ethnic or different. It's always a James, Richard, Jennifer, Mary, etc. There were never any Mutafahs, Hyonis or Aishwaryas -- all common names elsewhere. Anyway, it wasn't like I was busting a nut over this thought, but it was something that passed my mind.

Then later that day, at the Asbury Park Oysterfest, I happen to run into the mother and son psychic duo. The son sat next to me at the seance, the only teenager at the event, so we did spend time chitchatting and it was nice to see him again, to discuss the experience with him and his mom more thoroughly...They didn't seem to have a theory in why the names were so generic either...but through our conversing, we decided to meet up later in the evening and give each other readings....Of course, I don't really remember anything I said to them, but they were able to relay relevance to most of the things I said...As for me, the mom was new to cards, as it was mainly the mom that was reading, so it took her a while to use them to tap into the right track -- but as someone that knows how it goes, I didn't think that was strange. Sometimes it does take a few dials to get the right connection, but once it happens, the pieces do slowly start to fit together and slowly she did tap into my past rather accurately...As for her predictions for my future, who knows...but it got all tied in when she made her last statement, when she said she was getting a name and then said, "...Garrett." Yes, not so common, and OMFG, also MY BROTHER'S NAME!

Yes, he's still alive--and what that meant, or how it is relevant, who knows. Perhaps it was just a confirmation that her predictions would come true or maybe she was tapping into something deeper then lost the connection or maybe it was just something fucking with us to prove there is something supernatural co-existing with us. Whatever it was, it freaked me, her and her son out in the best way ever! Even thinking about it now is making the tiny hairs on my arm stand tall... So, weird or a coincidence???? Who cares, it's CRAZY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!