Friday, September 16, 2011

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

...and the answer is...

Fate has a funny way of working things out and this week, it'll start taking care of business in much more powerful way, as Pluto, the (dwarfed) planet of sex, death, birth and transformation goes back into forward gear!!!! 

Yes, since April 9th, Pluto has been going retrograde in Capricorn, muddling up information and making it a bit more difficult to know what and who you can trust, as the whole idea of structure came into question. However, now with Pluto moving forward again, you can expect a loosening up of the collar of sorts, as mysteries won't seem as dark and hazy...and as for the area in which you shall see an ah-ha moment, they are as follows:

Aries: Career, Dealings with authority, Your reputation
Taurus: Truth, Morals, Faith
Gemini: Power, Sex, Secrets
Cancer: Partnerships, Justice, Commitment
Leo: Daily routines, Self-improvement, Service to others
Virgo: Romance, Pride issues, Leisure
Libra: Home, Family, Business
Scorpio: Communications, Community, Dealings with siblings
Sagittarius: Your values system,  personal feelings of self-worth, comfort
Capricorn: Motivation, Self-image, Independence
Aquarius: The Past, Psychological issues, Karma
Pisces: Friendships,  Ideas in regard to your future, Hopes and dreams