Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Venus enters Libra

Ooooh, feels so good...


When any planet goes into the position where it rules, like today's Venus move into Libra, life should get dandier, at least by a small degree -- but when it's Venus, the planet of love, beauty, comfort and harmony, it means the feelings should be spectacular! 

Yes, if you've been playing your cards right and being more nice than naughty, then this is the time when the universe will be more willing to work with you, to reward you for efforts well done. Of course, if you've been less than honest, this is when justice gets served. So, as for the places you shall see a lift in spirits or a leveling of the playing field from now until October 9th, it is as follows:

Aries: partnerships, commitment, beauty
Taurus: organization, routine, work associates
Gemini: romance, creativity, fun
Cancer: home, family, security
Leo: short trips, learning, communicating
Virgo: material comforts, generosity, sensuality
Libra: confidence, leadership, ingenuity
Scorpio: dealings with the past, dreams, imagination
Sagittarius: hopes and dreams, friendships, revolution
Capricorn: status, recognition, responsibility
Aquarius: spirituality, world travel, truth
Pisces: power, sex, transformation