Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mercury enters Libra

Wave the white flag.

With the cold weather marching in, this isn't the time to stand alone and hold grudges. It's time for peace, love and understanding that waves high under the Mercury in Libra flag, as it's message is all about bridging gaps and creating unity -- at the least, for appearance sake, at the most, for your sanity. So, as per sign where to be the bigger person:

Aries: Your Boo
Taurus: Co-workers
Gemini: Your Crush(es)
Cancer: Family
Leo: Siblings
Virgo: Shopkeepers/People in the Service Industry
Libra: Yourself
Scorpio: Your Muse(s)
Sagittarius: Friends
Capricorn: Parents
Aquarius: Teachers/Your Guru
Pisces: Clients/Whoever is Payrolling You