Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sun enters Libra, The Autumn Equinox!

It's always beautiful.

Libra is a sign renown for its graciousness, which means sometimes Libras will lie to your face just to keep all cool. Sure, they may consider the consequences, perhaps momentarily, but will negate a negative end to anything they wish to see in other ways, as it's the moment that matters and for that, you just got to love them. Of course, you may wonder to yourself where they get this ability to sound hopeful despite rancid circumstances -- and its because Libra will always look for that something beautiful in all that they see and concentrate on just that. Yes, a Venusian birthright. Not to say that ugliness, rudeness and injustice isn't part of their vernacular, but it's not what they will hone in on. So, take this lesson to heart and embrace the fake it until you make it theory, as there is always something beautiful to focus on, if you look hard enough.