Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Moon in Virgo

Time to clean house.

Virgo is the sign of no nonsense, with its downfall being not necessarily knowing how to be assertive or at the least, suave about being assertive. No matter, because today the New Moon is in control and as long as you know how to clean house directly and effectively, then you will have no worries, as doing it is about the message, rather than the execution. So, set the precedence today and make NO MORE BULL your standard.

As per sign where to end the mess:
Aries: Health, down with the extraneous fats and sugars!
Taurus: Love, it's got to feel good or forget it.
Gemini: Home, refuse it to be anything less than your castle.
Cancer: Talk, its cheap and waste of time. Make actions your words!
Leo: Security, because somethings in life are better drama free.
Virgo: Priorities, as in happiness or bust!
Libra: Karma, use your talents! They are your keys to everything good.
Scorpio: Surprises, let them happen, because not all dreams happen on a linear path.
Sagittarius: Reputation, stand up for what you believe and all else will fall into place.
Capricorn: Spirituality, make all that you do feel good down into your bones!
Aquarius: Money, its not evil, unless you want it to be.
Pisces: Equality, for yourself and with your most intimate someone, because it can exist!