Thursday, September 6, 2012

Venus enters Leo

Are you wild at heart?

Compulsions will be hard to contain, as pleasure seeking Venus enters romance-crazy Leo today at 10:28am (and until October 2). Nothing short of fiery passion and extravagant drama will due, as this is when control is only for those weak at heart. So, live it up and turn it out, as it's wild and fantastical love or bust!

As for areas you'll likely feel the most heat, it is as follows:
Aries: Your love life and sense of challenge.
Taurus: Your home and all that makes you feel cozy.
Gemini: Your brain and churning out the curiosities.
Cancer: Your sense of relaxation and all that you know you own.
Leo: Your ego and ability to dance with danger.
Virgo: Your inner urges and romantic ideals.
Libra: Your social graces and all whom you want to touch and be touched by.
Scorpio: Your status and ability to rise up the ladder of success.
Sagittarius: Your adventurous nature and its ability to surprise you.
Capricorn: Your sexuality and all it can encompass.
Aquarius: Your sense of harmony and all that you can balance.
Pisces: Your daily existence and each day's series of goals.

Venus in Leo Inspiration: VENUS IN FURS (1969) (Can't find the full movie, but Netflix it, it's totally worth it!)