Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Moon In Virgo

...and another thing...

Full moon energy lasts for 2 weeks. So, that's 14 days to indulge your inner critic and go all out grumpus onto the world. However, for your best results, hone in on these specific people in your life and let loose your judgments, because this moon is the rare occasion when aggravation will bring progress :

Aries: Co-workers or anyone you consider a subordinate.
Taurus: Anyone you might have a sweet spot for.
Gemini: Family, especially your mother.
Cancer:  Siblings, neighbors and peers.
Leo: The hospitality contingent in your life.
Virgo: Yourself.
Libra: Your shrink or any medically associated person.
Scorpio: Friends.
Sagittarius: Your boss, father or anyone who attempts to assume authority over you.
Capricorn: Your guru or any one you idealize. 
Aquarius: Your booty call or accountant. 
Pisces: Your BF, BFF or both.