Friday, February 1, 2013

Venus Enters Aquarius

Interesting loves.
Meet my two albino African Dwarf frogs:
A face only a frogophile can love.
What a ham!
Straddling Penis Rock 

UPDATE: Two Names Have Been Found! Meet Big Treasure and Little Treasure, named after Dlisted's Hot Sluts of Day! ...and so you know, the bigger one is the girl, as this is how it is in the A.A.D.F world. ...Although Little Treasure could also be a girl, who knows? I do know one thing though, L.T. is not the bright one of the two. Using their sight, not smell, to find food, L.T. is the only one that attempts to eat the plastic fish decor over and over again, while ignoring the actual food all over. Whatever, I didn't get them to do my taxes.