Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mercury Goes Retrograde In Pisces

Get Your Flake On

It's here. The first Mercury Retrograde of the year, and this one is in Pisces -- which means more intense blasts from the pasts, emotional confusions and all round unreliableness.

...And if you pay any attention to my posts, you'd know that each year Mercury Retrogrades are in one element. This year, it's water transits, which means one flake of a time trying to sort out moods, memories and reality. As it goes, with Pisces, the lines of fantasy and reality blur easily, and life tips to one extreme -- up or down. So, when you put this all into retrograde mode, you get one hearty breakdown.

To best prepare for the messes from now until around March 17, here are the following areas you will likely need backup:
Aries: inner psyche/sleep, creativity, karma
Taurus: technology, friendships, hopes
Gemini: reputation, authority, discipline
Cancer: travel, truth, morals
Leo: sex, power, money
Virgo: balance, beauty, commitment
Libra: health, routines, pets
Scorpio: gambling, love, creativity
Sagittarius:security, home, family
Capricorn: communication, siblings, transportation
Aquarius: comfort, investments, sensual pleasures
Pisces: confidence, initiative, leadership


Peg said...

Does this mean water signs will feel it the worst?

Chananada Hill said...

The beauty part makes me worry, I'm way too into my appearance for things to go haywire there.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I hardly ever gamble. I think it's a waste of money. But wouldn't you know I collected axsmall pool for scratch tickets. Almost broke even and was going to cut my losses....but re thought and recycled back and bought more to see if we could at least double our money. How to back up gambling???