Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Moon In Aquarius: Chinese (and Korean) New Year! Year Of The Snake

New Beginnings

Happy New Year Y'all! Enter into the year of the snake, a year said to bring slow progress... So, keeping in mind with that, understand why this post is so late and not even anything to do with this holiday, but pertinent nonetheless, because it's chock full of info that can aid in your successes or at the least, kill time in an entertaining fashion... Link to my features for VD Day (VD, as in venereal disease day)...and a HAPPINESS BONUS: The cutest message ever from the cutest boy ever!!!!! Warning: It will warm even the blackest of hearts.

At The Frisky, I have a Quick Seduction Guide Per Sign:

...And at I have a few fun things happening:
A Celebrity Slideshow of Fantasy Valentines:

How Each Sign Says, "I love you."

...and which sign will have the best Valentine's: