Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jupiter starts conjuncting Neptune

Surreal experiences are prevalent.

Sometime after 9pm, the cab pulled up to the building at Central Park West and 79th street. Nothing so strange or ominous, until entering and an immediate feeling of stepping into a Stanley Kubrick movie started to roll, complete with overly soft lighting, retro decor and slightly eerie people too eager to serve, even to push the elevator buttons. I had no idea why I was here, it was only upon exiting the cab I was informed I was attending two parties, not just one. The elevator ride only allowed enough time to learn I was going to the birthday party of an eccentric arts patron... Arriving onto the 3rd floor, into a tight hallway space covered in dated floral wallpaper that looked expensive for its time, we waited. Momentarily, the doors opened and it was like nothing I ever witnessed before or could of even imagined…

He claimed this was all because he loved the animals...If this is how he loves, I'd be scared to see how he hates.