Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sun enters Gemini

You wake up as one person, but go to sleep another.

It was too amazing of a day to do what I planned, as in be responsible, work all day and go to the gym — a back to the drawing board day. By mid-afternoon I had to let go and let the day be what it wanted — as in blowing off work to meet up with my friends Stevie and Alejandro, eat fried food and then wander towards the river to watch the sunset. Found some rocks to sit upon, then laid out like stranded mermaids. Lo and behold, moments later, enter these three characters...

Little did we know we were witness to their scooter getting stolen, but as soon as we did, we gave them a full description of the culprit and shortly after, when N. (right) was the hero by running after the crook to retrieve his sister's scooter, they all wanted to be our new best friends, asking us all about ourselves and wanting to continuously tell us about themselves: their opinions about the scooter crime, other misfortunes of the scooter, the upcoming school play, taking pictures, etc. All six of us laughing and hanging as if we'd known each other forever.

Their instant love and openness was the cutest thing ever, just a burst of pure fun energy. The most hilarious moment was when they were all being hauled off by their mothers for a second time and K., the little brunette turned to us and asked, "Which one do you like the best?"

When I tried to pretend I didn't know what she meant, she charmingly said, "You know what I mean. Which one do you like the best?"

We cheered back, "We love you all the same! You're all amazing!"

Hee hee, Bonsai for days of meeting kindred spirits and knowing there'll always be cool people in our world.