Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mars enters Taurus

No rush. Hedonism all the way.

My day: woke up shamelessly late even for myself, emergency callback to a friend in need about love woes, dealt with mercury retrograde aftermath — no dial tone to my land line, argh...painted... blew off the gym to meet up with my friend at a waterfront park in Brooklyn...made it on time for big rain drops, but I didn't care. My friend though, he cared, left, hung, left again....made it to the gym after all, then met up with my uber fantastic gal pal, ate cheese at if it were god and did tarot readings for each other...rode home, the long way, around the river, until something caught in my eye and ended the leisure...home, eating papaya...midnight massage, greasy noodles — this f'ing transit is going to make me fat...concluded with painting and deep conditioning my hair. Overall, Mars in Taurus? Super duper.