Friday, May 22, 2009

Mercury retrograde in the natal 12th

Retracing footsteps.

Any place I am forbidden makes me want to go. Last year, that place was Belvedere Castle, a guesthouse exclusively for men on Fire Island. Like a white monstrosity from the heavens it dominated in the middle of the walk between the Pines and Cherry Grove. The first time I passed it, I couldn't help but get sucked into its grandeur, just gazing from behind and squishing my head into the "Venetian" wrought iron gates, wondering what was inside that glamorous paradise, like a peasant upon the gates of Versailles....

Enter my second visit to Fire Island, brought on spontaneously and auspiciously. There were we, my two friends Shlomi and Gil and me, just at the right place at the right time to randomly meet two friendly drunken strangers on our way home that night, soon resulting in them becoming our houseguests. From there, they went on to explain the horrors of their accommodations and much to my excitement, it was Belvedere Castle. No women, no luxury and nothing but sleaze in sight. OMG, get me there STAT!!

...This led to that and soon enough, I was changing into Gil's clothes to assume the identity of his drunken boyfriend, propped onto his side and hidden under my hoodie drawn as tight as possible to look as sexually ambiguous as possible — followed by the the four boys giving me a lesson on how to be a "dude." After midnight, we infiltrated. However, warned that if my true identity was discovered there would be hell to pay, like a lamb being eaten by a rabid pack of coyotes...I felt just like Woodword and Bernstein, but with only one set of balls...

Belvedere Castle only has two channels: CNN and porn.

This is the most expensive room in the place — the "Baroque" (broke) room. The headboard may have been painted onto the wall. If not, it was nailed closely to it. All other furniture, busted.

Unrivaled elegance to jerk off in.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by this picture of the owner and someone he no longer likes — the paint just sprayed over the glass. Love it!

Overall, the rush of secrecy was the hottest part of the night. Unfortunately, the tower, which is the ultimate cruising spot, was already closed. Otherwise, this could of been just a little more of a hot rocking XXX post. Oh well...but today, today at Fire Island, the water was so cold it only took ten minutes to chill my can of pear juice and that felt almost as exciting too.