Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Venus trines my Venus

The universe loves me!

When I first walked outside my house this late afternoon, way into my ipod, the weather was a perfect 66.6-degree and clear. Amazing. Feeling giddy crossing the street, going to unlock my f-ed up bike and ride off to a certain cute someone’s place, so he could fix my bike — too sweet.... As I was unlocking my bike, I saw three women looking at me (in a nice way) and it seem as if they were talking to me. I popped off my earphones and asked them if they needed anything, in which one woman said, "We were talking about how beautiful we think you are." It was so unexpected, so
kind. I thanked them and then said, "Oh good, I'm going to this guy's place." hee hee...It was a moment that was a most amazing gift. Venus trines Venus rocks my world!

The three awesome women were from Israel. I wound up talking for a few… told them about my fab friend Shlomi in Tel Aviv and my hotness for Israeli guys... Here is a pic of Shlomi. If you knew him, you’d love him too. He’s gold bikini to the right and to the left is FLC Superstar, my right hand man. A pic from Eurotrash Miami 2007, a legendary weekend of fun.