Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturn goes retrograde in Libra

What goes down, must go up…and vice versa.

Bitter weather makes me curmudgeonly, and with every increasingly frigid day comes a new “I hate” list. Today’s additions:

• Cabbies that honk crazily at me even though I obviously see them and are too far to EVER hit me, no matter how fast or slow I might randomly and retardedly dart into traffic.
• Spending 25% of my day looking for shit in my bag.
• Remembering random things to feel guilty for, like elementary school behaviors that make me think deep down I am a fucking weasel.
• Not giving a shit about winter fat any more.
• Thinking of things to hate when I force myself to.

So, on a more positive note, here is something new to add to the, “I love” list. Today’s addition: knock-off porn: