Monday, January 18, 2010

Venus enters Aquarius

Eccentric stimulations begin.

House is the most fun movie I've seen in ages! If you live in NYC, HOUSE is currently playing at IFC for at least the next week, so check it out. Otherwise, just watch this trailer over and over again.

Wikipedia Plot Summary:
A teenage girl named Gorgeous discovers that her widowed father has begun dating again. Furthermore, Gorgeous' father has cancelled the yearly summer vacation that father and daughter take every year in order to stay near his new girlfriend, who he intends on marrying. Furious, Gorgeous impulsively invites her friends to come with her to her aunt's house, despite not having seen the aunt in years.

Arriving, they find the aunt, a wheelchair user, and agree to fix up her run down estate located in the woods. However, unknown to anyone, the aunt is secretly a vampire who feeds off the flesh of virgin women who stumble upon her home. Possessing her niece, the aunt murders the girls one by one with help from her bewitched house. In the end, the aunt takes over Gorgeous' body so she can go on waiting for her long lost fiancé, who went missing in action during World War II.

(Although this is what the synopsis says, the plot is the least interesting part of this movie, as it's all about the special effects, the surreal vintage porn-like style cinematography and absurd dialogue that makes this flick a true winner!)