Sunday, July 11, 2010

Solar New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

Dance, Dance, Revelation Party.

Wah, sad to see the World Cup end today, as it was a fun fest of hot international eye-candy. I got sucked into the madness somewhere along the road and it got progressively more intense as the weeks went on, with needing to watch youtube videos of hot soccer players doing their thing in-between matches, like a high I had to maintain....and of course, I have no clue what the actual point of the game is, the rules or even the number of players needed. All I know is they have to score goals on opposite sides of the field and it's sexy...I love how incredibly fuckable those players are in the heat of battle, when they score a goal, then run down the field reveling in their masculinity and all the adoration or when they jump on each other in sheer excitement and you can feel their muscles mashing into each other...or when they are playing and slide all into each other, with their hot lean bodies and good hair. Ahhh, too much, too much...this shit was like porn and today, it's sad to say good-bye....but thank god there are millions of more minutes of youtube videos to take in until the next four years...

Some of the hotness... [To turn off the music, scroll down to 6/6 post.)