Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries

What can superstitions hurt now?

When Jupiter, the planet of luck, goes out of whack, it's time to hold tight, as things that have come easy won't be so anymore. Instead, silly mishaps may replace once airtight schedules and an overall sense of trepidation can interfere. Whatever, it's just how it rolls in life, as we need a bit of yin to get the yang and until November 18, 2010, it'll be just like that.

Think of it as a period to claim absolute independence, as this is the time when all smoke and mirrors get put aside and it's all about just what you have in you to get you to where you have to be...and if holding onto to some superstition for that ride is necessary, to ensure a little extra safety or soothing, then what could that hurt?

A few fun superstitions from around the world to consider:
  • Brazil: They believe three kisses on the face of a single girl brings marriage.
  • China: Jiggling your legs is bad luck, as it apparently can jiggle all the money out of your life.
  • Cuba: To see if you have good spirits around you, leave a glass of water by your bedside. If when you wake and there are bubbles in the glass, you are being protected.
  • England: Meeting a spotted or black and white dog on the way to a business appointment is a lucky sign.
  • Greece: Carrying a little bone of a bat in your wallet can protect you from the evil eye.
  • Japan: Don't sleep with your head facing north, as only the dead lie in this direction.
  • Korea: Avoid writing your name or the name of anyone you love in red, as it is like a death-wish.
  • Russia: Avoid drinking and eating while also looking in a mirror, because your luck will evaporate fast doing this.
  • Taiwan: If you see a crow in the morning, expect a bad day.
  • Thailand: If you walk outside and a lizard drops on you, go right back inside. Otherwise, your day will be filled with agony.