Monday, July 5, 2010

Uranus goes retrograde in Aries

Everything is transient, so don't bother stressing...

Yeaaaah, finally got some major hardcore sleep. Like woke up at 2:31 PM! and it was AMAZING. It's been ages since I got to sleep in like that and I so loved it. I even did a double take at the time, feeling impressed with myself....things haven't been the same since I moved. I haven't fully adjusted to the sun and how it comes into my room every morning like a cruel headmaster. It's not cool. I hate it. I live for sleeping until my body is fully exhausted of sleep...but lately, due to the lack of the good stuff, I always feel like I have that quarter tank more in me and it weighs me down....It's painful how my wake up routine now is glare, then rolling like a greedy troll to the darker side of the bed, to have to then zip back to the other side as the sun passes. I'm like a typewriter. My friend Judy, always amazing, was a sweetie and surprised me with two awesome silk eye masks, as she said, "It's just unnatural that you wake up that early." ...and it's true, I hate getting up early MORE THAN ANYTHING. I like late night way more than early morning. My associations of early morning are mostly unpleasant: school, being wired, jury duty...scratch that, I dug jury least last time I did it. I got picked to be on a jury and it was ideal. It was certain it'd only last two days max and it was a cut and dry DUI at a check point trial. The defendant was cute too, so it felt super sexy being part of the justice system that turn around....anyway, without my daily sleep exhaustion technique of maintaining, it's a bit bizarre feeling these days...hmmmm, what was my point anyway?