Friday, October 22, 2010

Mercury enters Scorpio

When saying less is more.

Scorpios can be total whack jobs when it comes to communicating. Whatever they feel is too personal tends to be highly subjective and particularly bizarre. One day they might throw skeletons from their closet left and right at you, the next they can get disproportionally upset if you ask them their shoe size. Which ever mood you might catch them in is also a toss up, as there is always some convoluted method of logic to their madness that goes deep into their past in some shape or form. With this sign, nothing is ever light!

...So, as this energy takes control of the communications planet, plan ahead as it might take you some extra time to read in-between the lines, as not much of anything will be too obvious for the next few weeks (until Nov. 18th to be exact)...My advice, to get yourself safely through it: say less to mean more, as it's all about maneuvering whomever or whatever you are playing to your advantage by having them make all the moves, good and bad, as ultimately, it all has to come out anyway and best to see what you have to work with before you lift a finger.