Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Moon in Libra

Let the good times roll!

I love Libras, but the one thing I can say for them is that I have yet to meet one that can be on time to save them. No matter, their jovial attitudes and charming way with language doesn't make holding a grudge with them possible. After all, Libras tend to be just that popular and just that busy that sometimes it is hard to stay on track...and so when the sky is under this influence of Libra, you just have to go with it and forget any consequences, other than being in the moment...hence this super late post...You know it, once this day rolled around, life as I knew it was no longer quite the same, as the see-saw tilted the other way and there was no more time to get mopey, as there are just too many celebrations, conversations, flirtations and adventures to be had! If I even blinked an eye I would of missed another opp, so forget even slowing down now and keep it moving for the next two weeks under this celestial influence! 

New moon in Libra theme song, turn it up and dance!