Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

No f'ing way...

Get ready, the full moon eclipse in Sagittarius is under way and chances are it'll bring a bursting of a bubble and fall down into reality that is humbling to say the least. Yes, since Sagittarius is the sign of idealism, and a full moon eclipse tends to bring swift endings or sudden awakenings, know this astrological event isn't meant to be one of ease.

Sure, there is a chance it may not bring upsetting news, and instead a closing of some sort can come, like something that has been on the negotiating table for a while, but that percentage is slimmer for the majority and if you happen to have been one of them, then woohoo for you...Either or, this eclipse will bring a giant step forward into something new and unexpected. Whether or not it's pleasant upfront, trust it will ultimately turn the tides towards your favor, as eclipses change the flow of energy towards something larger, even if you can't see it all right now.

So until then, trust in the universe and don't be in shock if something shifts in these following areas of your life, because if you ride it out, it will bring you somewhere more pleasant than before, because eclipses always bring truth. So, without further ado...

Aries: overall optimism, dealings with the world, publishing, travel, ethics.
Taurus: sexual relations, joint finances, psychic matters, death, intimacy.
Gemini: contracts, commitments, vanity, balance, diplomacy.
Cancer: routines, health, pets, efficiency, dealings with co-workers.
Leo: romance, creativity, children, entertainment, hair.
Virgo: family, home, new business, security, traditions.
Libra: education, siblings, communications, community, transportation.
Scorpio: material matters, comfort, self-worth, money, value system.
Sagittarius: motivation, individuality, physical appearance, new ideas, ego.
Capricorn: psychology, enemies, inheritances, self-imposed traps, compassion.
Aquarius: friendships, technology, the future, hopes, networking.
Pisces: career, authority figures, status, attention, responsibility.

...and F.Y.I., also note eclipses can go into effect 5 days before and after the date and also one month after or prior to the date. However, if something happens this month, it won't again strike next month. Typically, in the two-year-cycle of an eclipse, one of two of the eclipses will hit the hardest, while the others might have no affect at all.