Thursday, June 9, 2011

Venus enters Gemini

Spice up your life!

Hold tight! Today, Venus, the planet of pleasure, moves into speedy and playful Gemini! Which means surprises are in store, in the most delightful and quickest way. So, time to follow curiosities, communicate all that crosses your mind and taste a little bit of everything that tickles your fancy, as it's all about getting your hands and brain entrenched into new ideas, places, and faces...While the downside can be that there isn't a lot of consistency to be had now, as in no one seemingly able to give any straight answers, who cares? There are so many ways to stimulate yourself now and forever, who needs to get caught up on one ideal anyway? If you do, you'll only be damning yourself during this period of fiesta and fun that will last until July 4!

...and subsequently, Gemini also rules media and it just so happens today at 12:30pm on channel 4 (NYC), on NBC's The Daily Connection, I'll be back on to dish about sexy summer flings and which signs will be the luckiest in getting the deluge of romance this summer....So tune in and find out! (...and if you miss it, I'll eventually post the video here, so check back...As for times and channels the show will air in other cities, click on the link above to find out.)

...and the fun never ends, because it so happens to be that Gemini also rules the hands and is the sun sign of one of my favorite people--lil Miss Pop Nails.... Now, I am not one to get manicures. Ever. Just not my thing. I OD-ed on nail polish as a prepubescent child, when it was the only make-up I was allowed to wear and never had my nails see the light of day, so much so I turned them yellow. It took a long time to resuscitate them  and get them back to their normal color and I haven't had paint on them more than once or twice for just a day or two in decades, as somehow it icked me out, like OD-ing on a certain food to the point of projectile vomit...So my point, I am no fan of nail polish...However, I recently became a convert to nail art because my friend Miss Pop is so genius! Check out her site and envy my nails!